Protecting your privacy is extremely important to all of us at the Texas Life Science Foundation (TLSF). For this reason, you may visit and navigate within the TLSF web site without providing any personal information, such as your name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address. If you choose to provide your personal information in current or future sections of our website, such as our mailing list, we will protect your information to the best of our ability. TLSF does not disclose sell, or transfer any personal information about visitors to www.TLSFoundation.org unless required to do so by law.

TSLF is concerned about protecting the privacy of children. TSLF encourages parents and teachers to stay involved with and in control of children's Internet explorations. It is particularly important for parents to offer guidance to their children about providing personal information online.

TSLF automatically collects a limited amount of information about the use of its Web site, primarily for statistical purposes (that is, to measure the numbers of visitors to various sections of the site). When a visitor requests pages on www.TLSFoundation.org, our Web servers automatically recognize the browser's domain name, and IP address. Our servers do not record e-mail addresses. We collect the domain names and IP addresses in order to aggregate information on what pages users access or visit.  This information may also be helpful when considering changes to www.TSLFoundation.org to make the site more useful to visitors.

While TLSF takes reasonable administrative and technical precaution to secure our web site and to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing or interfering with our files, we cannot assure that such tampering will not occur. Furthermore, the privacy policies of other web sites do not apply to www.TLSFoundation.org.  If you have linked to www.TLSFoundation.org from another web site, please check the other site's privacy policies before providing any information. Similarly, although we have high standards for the web sites to which we link, when you link from our web site to another web site, our privacy policy no longer applies. Again, please check the other site's privacy policy before providing any personal information.

From time to time, we may modify our privacy policy. Please check the TLSF web site periodically to review our most recent privacy policy version.

If you receive updates, newsletters or emails that you do not wish to receive, please contact us at services@TLSFoundation.org or follow the unsubscribe instructions provided in our emails and newsletters.

Our Commitment to You

In order to above precautions are maintained and implemented, we train and familiarize our staff in order to reasonably maintain the above policies.  Each staff member is instructed as to his or her responsibilities regarding the protection of visitor privacy. All staff members and commerce partners with access to personal information are expected to uphold these standards.


Contact Us

If you have questions about our commitment to your privacy on our site, please contact us at 512.699.4493 or at services@TLSFoundation.org.

You may write to us at:
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